TeachersPayTeachers marketplace is for teachers to sell, share and shine

Kelley Dolling, a passionate teacher has always had a flair for creative and innovative teaching. She has made teaching a lot more fun and entertaining for her students. She has even created her own teaching materials like bulletin boards and many other cool things for every class. She was an inspiration to many teachers from her school. But, she couldn’t pursue her dream job due to a surgery and she had to quit for three years. However, one of Kelley’s close friends suggested her to go online in order to share and sell her materials. Initially, Kelly was unsure of her friend’s idea but finally decided to go online. Believe it or not, it was an instant hit among the teachers community. The marketplace has 192 items and 6,600 followers on it. Her brand has even gone viral on social media platform; she has got 20,000 followers on Facebook and over 9,000 followers on Instagram. Her blogs have truly dedicated readers and she organizes campaigns for teachers every year. Many other teachers have also been successful on this platform. TeachersPayTeachers is the most used marketplace by the teachers across several nations.

Most of the teachers are buyers and sellers as well, thanks to the marketplace for discovering entrepreneurs in the teachers’ community! Many sellers have tagged the prices for their materials according to the amount of time and passion put on them. Innovative methods for teaching are always well received in the society.

Opower’s new marketplace to promote low energy use

Opower is a software service company which provides a cloud based software to the customers to improve energy efficiency.

Its customer engagement platforms consider the utility as the best energy advisor to the customer. The platform is playing well by connecting the utility with the customers in a number of ways than by just giving the standard utility bills. Now utilities can able to follow the options and expose it in their programs to make the customer more energy efficient. Marketplace for x websites can be created using buysy https://www.zoplay.com/web/buy-sell-market-place-website/

Opower can able to lower the cost and energy consumption as it acts as an advisor to the utilities. The main aim of the launch of Opower is to make customers and utility to reach the process of doing proper service. It actually means offering tools to find out which products target the customers and how to fix their impacts on energy efficiency.

There is also another few options which enable customers to decide what offerings to acquire from the utility and even allow them to apply for refunds on the web.

Opower beats the analyst expectation on Wall Street by its growth and activity this year. The company is planning to go with new clients and previous companies with whom the company had tie ups. It is also trying to expand further with its new marketplace approach both in the United States and various places across the world. The company will see its growth if the marketplace serves well.

Marketplace for Home services Angie’s List Rejects offer from IAC

Angie’s List a Home based services marketplace for contractors, rejects an offer from IAC to buy the business for 512 million dollars. This offer was made by IAC this month, which has an idea to buy the company for some amount per share.

Getting request from other matches of IAC such as the dating app Tinder makes them to reject the offer without having a proper idea of what to accept and reject.

This is considered to be the second offer from IAC for Angie’s list, a marketplace and site for user generated reviews and listings. It provides an opportunity for people to connect with the builders, health care assistants, cleaners and many other contractors to connect with people get jobs in their field. It also serves as a site for people to find their contractors and rate them.

As IAC came with its second approach, it is expected to come with its third approach again with a higher offer. Angie’s List got its publicity in 2011 but after that the company experienced a fall in its share price. The reason for this fall is because of its rivals like Amazon, Thumbtack and alternate companies.

IAC believes that the company has a good profile on other brands which has 150 including some with Angie’s List synergy HomeAdvisor, so that it could help grow the Angie’s List network.

Even though Angie’s List dropped down its share price, it is considered to be higher than IAC offer.

HeyPillow, the real estate marketplace raises $3 million dollars

HeyPillow is a marketplace launched in 2014 and it is exclusively meant for online real estate. It has raised $3 million dollars as funding from Hampton Capital.  The real estate marketplace has been a huge hit across the nation and is now looking forward to make its site more convenient for its users. It is also a marketplace for home loan services and it focuses more on marketing strategies of real estates.

Also, the firm is now planning to expand its services across India and the Middle East. The marketplace includes mortgage calculators and other important marketing tips for better real estate environment. HeyPillow’s founder Stan Dong and his friend have worked hard for the marketplace to reach the much needed fame and recognition. The marketplace includes various options and features for its users to make the user engagement livelier. It has ratings and reviews to make it easy for the potential buyers and brokers. The home decors have also been roped in by the team to offer tips on remodeling and interior designing to the users.

The marketplace is said to have over 15,000 properties on its listings across several important Indian cities. It would be a potential threat to many other services in India and the app is now available in Google Play. IndiaProperty.com is planning to join forces with IndiaHomes.com for another round of capital introduction. HeyPillow is also planning to invest money for promotional causes to make it go even bigger.

India’s E-Health Marketplace to Reach Crores

The e-health services market in India has witnessed a growth on account of rising demand for healthcare services due to increase in the number of patients and unavailability of health care service in rural areas. The growth in this industry is largely led by some investors who are ready to invest in e-health services market and increase in the number of telemedicine centers.

The Telemedicine market in India is comprised of Narayana health care and Apollo Telemedicine Networking foundation and e-health Marketplace which consists of companies like Practo and Mediangels, Medical second opinions. On-call home healthcare service market comprise of Portea Medical, India home healthcare. Healthcare IT includes companies such as Wipro, TCS which has a large share in the market.

According to the research report, the India’s e-health market services will increase in the future owing to the rise of number of competitors in market, broadband connectivity in rural areas,  proliferation of mobile and more awareness about the e-health service market. In future, e-health services market is expected to be led by healthcare IT and on-call home healthcare.

Ken research announced its latest publication on e-health services market which provides complete analysis of telemedicine market, on-call home health care and health care IT market in India. The report covers a number of aspects such as market size of India e-health services, segmentation, type of services provided in telemedicine, consultation type, patient profile, City type, home health care devices and services and devices used for health care in IT market.

Amazon’s innovation marketplace in the UK now

Amazon, the most visited and famous e-commerce website is all set to rule UK. Shopaholics can now get access to anything and everything, thanks to the Amazon’s organized launch pad portal! Life seems to be a lot easier and simpler; the amazing feature now lives outside US as well.  Many listings on the site are from US companies, but UK makers WileyFox and littleBits are the first ones to be sold out on the site.  The Amazon site has a space that offers information about the founders who came up with the ideas. This is a very good opportunity for the buyers to know about the story of a product before investing money on it. This amazing launch pad from Amazon is designed exclusively for startups that are already part of the network of accelerators, VCs, crowdfunding platforms and incubators. The list now includes products funded on UK crowdfunding sites as well, namely Crowdfunder uk and Crowdcube.

This feature now allows Amazon to have a direct line to innovators as products are launched. The companies do not have to list on the new launch pad all the time! Newly emerging makers and already existing Amazon suppliers can now apply to be listed on the established portal even if they are not part of the Amazon. But the products from the makers must be ready to be shipped within 90 days. Amazon’s innovation marketplace is going to be a mega hit among the truly dedicated shoppers!